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Wed Nov 12 20:44:44 PST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:41:31 -0800, "Andrew Fife" <AFife at untangle.com>
> Hi Folks:
> Sean Moss-Pultz will be speaking at BALUG on Tuesday (11/18).  Sean
> is the CEO and founder of The OpenMoko Project, which makes a open
> source linux based cell phone called the NEO FreeRunner.  Sean is a

Hello Mr. Fife.  :)

1) Applause, cover agent
2) Trend to tele-communication -commuting
3) Telecommuting (across the San Francisco Bay, 
     on the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk 
       (er, no, strike that last part)).
5!) (Because we're trying to be logical) - 

Andrew -

---  1) Applause, cover agent

Firstly, I wish to applaud your respectable efforts for _several_ Bay
Area Linux groups.  You seem to have done a great job getting speakers
for meetings, and you seem to put a decent amount of time into group

I must also say that I believe with a 50% probability at a 45%
confidence level that you are a medium cover operative who has been sent
back here to infiltrate the Linux community.

You seem to be a pleasant, forthright, helpful, nasty, sincere, happy &
deeply cynical guy. (Of course, that could be merely a symptom of mere
sardonicism.  ;)  )

On the whole, every time I see you I am deeply torn between being happy
to see you, & in deep dread of your possible true masters.  (Which,
sadly, perhaps makes you an even more effective

One particular failing of yours, IMO, that particularly annoys me, is
your failure in an important way to move the community forward by not
allowing me to briefly announce about the BerkeleyTIP meeting via remote
voice communications technology at the SVLUG meeting.

(The exact same BerkeleyTIP event which you have told me, both privately
& in the presence of other community members, that you think is a
positive contribution from me to the community, and that you personally
hope is a successful endeavor.)

---  2) Trend to tele-communication -commuting

Which leads to the current topic:

Myself having an electrical engineering education, I am particularly
interested in hearing the OpenMoko talk, since it pertains to SW for a
free-speech [oh, there's that Berkeley, again!] -design hardware device.

Note also that the purpose of this device is to enable people to
communicate at a distance, without having to travel in order to do the

In our world today, engineers & software developers are improving the
world by developing technology that lowers the barriers to text, voice,
visual, & telepresence communication.  (What _will_ they think of
next????  ;)  )  (As Larry Ellison's Oracle said to attendees at the
recent Oracle World conference in SF, regarding what to do in the
evening after the official Oracle events were over for the day: "Make
sure, while you are here, to enjoy all the best that The City has to

The trend both now & the long term is to decreasing physical travel,
increased tele-communication, & more of new kinds of tele-communication.
(Which is the driving essence underlying this OpenMoko talk.)

[By the way, the BerkeleyTIP-Global monthly meeting this past November 1
was a HUGE step forward, & HUGE success, IMO.  We got VOIP conferencing
going, & had attendees from Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose,
other SiValley, Washington & North Carolina.  You can't imagine how
enjoyable it was to be sitting in the Free Speech Cafe at U. C.
Berkeley, & hearing & chatting with these people, including especially a
guy with a _strong_ Southern accent!  It was just so improbable,
fascinating, interesting & enjoyable.  :)

(By the way - last time I talked with a guy with such a strong southern
accent was among all the German & Norwegian (& Canadian & Mexican &
Carribean & South American) people at the KDE 4 release event at Google
back in about March.  The southern guy there was _much_ harder for me to
understand than the Germans & all the rest!)

Next meeting: December 6 Saturday
http://groups.google.com/group/BerkTIPGlobal   ]

---  3) Telecommuting (on the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk 
          (er, no, strike that last part)).

Now, though I do very much want to hear the talk, ask a question or more
of the speaker & the community, & speak informally with the many
wonderful community members likely to be present at this meeting, . .  ,

there are several reasons I'd like to "tele-commute" to this meeting:
Costs for transportation, & time for transportation, which has
opportunity costs for accomplishing other valuable tasks.

Now, I suppose it wouldn't take any special permissions for me to
"attend(listen-to)" this meeting remotely, if, for instance, I could
find someone who'd use their cell phone to put an audio communication
from the talk through to me.

What worries me, though, is that if I wished to ask the speaker a
question from my remote location, you might not allow that, for some

(Just as I can't see any reasonable reason for your not having allowed
me to make a short announcement to SVLUG about the upcoming BTIP

---  5!) (Because we're trying to be logical) - 

So, Andrew, I thought I'd better ask you well in advance of the meeting,
here on this public community list:

Would it would be OK with you for me to both:
1) listen to the talk remotely?, & 
2) to ask a question (time permitting, as for all audience questions) to
the speaker from remotely?

Thanks for your kind consideration.  :)

All the best, to you, Andrew, & the community.  :)

  /sar&#712;don&#618;k/ [sahr-don-ik] –adjective
characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical;
sneering: a sardonic grin.
1630–40; alter. of earlier sardonian (influenced by F sardonique) < L
sardoni(us) (< Gk sardónios of Sardinia) + -an; alluding to a Sardinian
plant which when eaten was supposed to produce convulsive laughter
ending in death

! <8-O
"convulsive laughter ending in death"!  My god!  That kind of hits one
right between the eyes!
[Andrew - I didn't realize how accurate my above characterization of you
was!  ;(  ]

Whew!   I'll stick with the Nitrous Oxide, thank you very much.

(I know, I know.  I attended Berkeley (though just missing the '60's). 
Too much LDS.)

1638, from Fr. sardonique (16c.), from L. sardonius (but as if from L.
*sardonicus) in Sardonius risus, loan-translation of Gk. sardonios
(gelos) "of bitter or scornful (laughter)," altered from Homeric
sardanios (of uncertain origin) by influence of Sardonios "Sardinian,"
because the Greeks believed that eating a certain plant they called
sardonion (lit. "plant from Sardinia," see Sardinia) caused facial
convulsions resembling those of sardonic laughter, usually followed by
death. For nuances of usage, see humor.

Ah. The "sard onion".

[ Note to non-SanFranciscoBayArea-Americanian speakers & the Satirically
Deprived -
I do both truly respect Andrew's accomplishments, & do truly wonder on
whose behalf he is a secret agent. ]

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