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Hi Micheal -

Once again thank you very much for the opportunity to speak to the  
BALUG today. It was a wonderful learning experience with the  
participants.  Here are a list of the applications I find essential in  
making my solo practice viable:

scan2pdf - primarily for scanning documents into pdf form; also  
performs OCR (tessaract)
Xournal - primarily for annotating pdfs
Chromium - for legal research in Google Scholar and bookmarking  
results according to subject or client
Firefox - for web based communication with federal Electronic Case  
Filing and PACER system research; I use Racer add-on (legal case cite  
archiving for research from PACER
Gmail in Prism -
Thunderbird with Lightning and Google calendar sync add-on
Tomboy notes
OpenOffice for pleadings and correspondence
PDF Chain - control, manipulation and file naming
PDF Shuffler - import export delete rearrange pages
Sound Recorder - for recording speeches at seminars, meetings, sip and skype
Dropbox - cloud backup
Ear Candy - sound control betw applications

Next Frontier: SIP phone administration, Video Calls and Presentations

Best regards,

Martyn Collins, Esq.
All-Access Law
PO Box 70323
Pt. Richmond, CA 94807-0323
t: 510.621.3163
martylawyer at gmail.com
Chat Google Talk: martylawyer Skype: martycollins.esq
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<www.last.fm/martycollins>Twitter <www.twitter.com/martycollinsesq>

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On 09/15/2010 09:19 PM, Michael Paoli wrote:
> Martyn Collins,
> Would you be interested and could you potentially come to our
> 2010-09-21 (next Tuesday) BALUG meeting?  It turns out for that
> meeting date we won't have access to the upstairs banquet room
> facility, so that means we're down in the main dining area, and likely
> around one or two big tables or so to fit us in.  The restaurant did
> say they could do screen & projector in the main area, but that would
> be relatively awkward - however, a (slightly) less formal talk, and
> perhaps with some handouts (or not) in lieu of slides, might be a
> particularly good fit for this occasion.
> If you're interested and can do it, please let us know ASAP.
> Also, if you could provide a brief (can be very brief) bit of
> description & mini-bio for the talk, that would be excellent, as
> we could then update the BALUG web site with that, and also use it
> in our announcements.
> See also:
> http://www.balug.org/speaker-presenter_information_and_resources.txt
> but DO keep in mind that for the 2010-09-21 meeting we will not have
> the banquet room or it's facilities (generally) available.  If you do
> really want to use screen/projector for the restaurant's main dining
> area (could be a bit awkward, but if needed ...) they let me/us know, and
> we should be able to arrange that with the restaurant (they indicated they
> have some way to make that possible in the main dining area).
> If you need/want to call me with any questions:
> 1-510-883-0772 (home+msg.)
> 1-415-344-7609 (work+msg.)
>> From: "Martyn Collins" <soulattorney at gmail.com>
>> Subject: Linux Lawyers
>> Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 21:54:55 -0700
>> Hi -
>> I converted my solo law office to Linux in November 2009.  I have  
>> not looked back since.  Besides joining your group, I am interested  
>> in being a speaker about my experience in making the move, as well  
>> as my thoughts about linux and lawyers. Best regards,
>> Martyn Collins, Esq.
>> All-Access Law
>> PO Box 70323
>> Pt. Richmond, CA 94807-0323
>> p: 415.350.3130
>> f: 510.232.2853
>> www.allaccesslaw.com <http://www.allaccesslaw.com>
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