[BALUG-Talk] "slides" from BALUG 2012-07-17 screen(1) presented by Michael Paoli

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 10 11:46:56 PST 2013

If you missed the talk/presentation or want to review some of the
materials, from the BALUG 2012-07-17 screen(1) talk/presentation by
Michael Paoli, "slides" are now available here:

Also, subsequent to my screen(1) presentations, various folks

tmux(1) - although screen(1) has been around much longer, tmux(1) is
quite similar to screen(1), and is being more actively
maintained/developed than screen(1).  tmux(1) can also be configured to
have key binding quite similar (or perhaps even "identical") to those
of screen(1).  tmux(1) is also much better at handling
internationalization and various character sets.

emacs(1) - has a daemon mode (e.g. --daemon option).  With such use, it
acts as a server, and one can reconnect to it, e.g. by using

Thanks also to BabyCenter.com for providing earlier copy of highly
similar set of "slides" (I'd earlier done highly similar presentation
at BabyCenter.com, but unintentionally lost my BALUG set of "slides"
before archiving them for BALUG.  The set now archived for BALUG should
be identical or nearly identical to the set I actually presented at
BALUG on 2012-07-17).

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