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Larry Platzek larryp@inow.com
Mon Aug 8 02:00:18 PDT 2005

Michael Paoli has replied in public to a email that was meant to be sent 
to Dick Verna but was not.
It should be clear that BALUG needs a person to schedule speakers!
I do not have the time or HEALTH to do the job!
Dick Verna does not have the time or energy to the the job!

So UNLESS someone is willing to do the job BALUG will NO LONGER HAVE 
scheduled SPEAKERS!

I do hope someone will do the Needed JOB! Of course several people could 
split the work to be done.

I will try to send a email to the regular balug-talk list about this later 
today or Tuesday.

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Michael Paoli wrote:

> Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 20:07:02 -0700
> From: Michael Paoli <mp@rawbw.com>
> Reply-To: Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
> To: Larry Platzek <larryp@inow.com>
> Cc: balug-admin-balug.org@lists.balug.org
> Subject: Re: Balug  helper
> Unfortunately I can't say that there are presenters/speakers that I
> particularly know and am aware of that would likely make for a reasonably
> pertinent and good presentation, nor to I have lots of time to try and
> scare any up (okay, so I got someone I know to do an LVM presentation, but
> other than that ... well, maybe with some arm twisting could get the same
> person to do a good presentation on introduction to shell programming - but
> as we had something like that some months back ... and same presenter a
> couple months back - perhaps save that for at least a few months or more
> down the road).
> Anyway, there was mention, I think to the list, about
> "speaker's bureau" - I think that perhaps SVLUG coordinates, or at least
> is aware of.  Anyway, maybe if we can drum up some volunteer(s) with
> a bit of time/energy, perhaps they could work some of the various
> resources to come up with speakers for BALUG.
> Also, perhaps we can get a volunteer to do at least a trace of publicity
> for BALUG, ... most notably getting out at least a notice or two a month
> to the BALUG announce list - if we have speaker/presentation lined up, they
> could get announcement out fairly early, and also pass the information on
> to other user groups and such, and also send out a fairly timely "reminder"
> notice perhaps roughly about 5 or 6 calendar days ahead of the regular
> meetings, reminding folks about the speaker (if we have one), and in any
> case about the meeting in general (if there's no formal speaker or such,
> they could highlight some of the typical interesting discussions that
> happen at the BALUG meetings even without any formal presentation).
> Quoting Larry Platzek <larryp@inow.com>:
>> Dick is Michael Paoli the person you had in mind to ask about acquring
>> speakers and scheduling the speakers for Balug? I think he could do a good
>> job if is willing to do the job.
>> I will expect you to contact him about doing the job.
>> Larry Platzek  larryp@inow.com

Larry Platzek  larryp@inow.com

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