[Balug-admin] A speaker/presentation for BALUG meeting - on Shell Programming, to be held at the ...

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Mon Aug 29 20:54:09 PDT 2005

Uhm, ... (rearranging quotes a bit) ... that's nice, but did you read what
I wrote? :-)  (okay, so it was a bit long) ... I can at least pencil myself
in for that date (2005-10-18), but may not be able to confirm that date for
a fair while yet.  Perhaps I'll know quite a bit more about my schedule in the
upcoming weeks, ... but then again some of it may not be settled for a fair
while yet.

Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb. BALUG meetings are meeting dates I could almost
certainly make.  Sept., Oct. (and to a lesser extent Mar. - Jun. 2006) are
still rather uncertain.

Quoting Dick Verna:

> Thank you for volunteering to speak.  The date for your presentation is 
> October 18th, 2005.  That is the third Tuesday of the month.
> Dick Verna

> Michael Paoli wrote:
> >The most noteworthy question (or question mark) is when.  I've got a
> wildcard
> >on my calendar that might land most any place mid-September through
> October
> >on my calendar at present, so might not be able to commit to September or
> >October BALUG meeting date until perhaps as late as nearly mid-September
> for
> >September, and might not know until later for October.
> >November, December, January, and February BALUG meeting dates would likely
> >be safe dates to target if we wanted to schedule it that far in advance
> (I'd
> >have to double check my calendar, but most likely those dates are all
> clear
> >(or clearable) at this point in time.)
> >Okay, ...
> >
> >An available speaker/presentation that would likely go over well and be
> >rather/quite useful, and perhaps we could draw in a fair (to largeish?)
> crowd
> >of folks, ...
> >
> >Shell Programming (or Shell Scripting or ... anyway, whatever precise
> title
> >gets picked) ...
> >
> >I think last time, at least prior to this month, that was brought up /
> >mentioned / suggested for a meeting presentation, it was well under a
> >year after we'd had quite similar (at least in terms of general topic)
> >speaker and presentation:
> >http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-talk-balug.org/2004-August/002877.html
> >(why that was on the talk list, and apparently not the announce list is
> >another matter)
> >and I thought it would be rather redundant to cover something rather to
> quite
> >similar so soon, ... but now, ... it's been, ... well, it'll be about a
> >year by this September's BALUG meeting, and over a year by the October
> >meeting.
> >
> >Anyway, the presentation and approach, etc. is comparatively different
> than
> >Mark G. Sobell's, so even if the topic's been done for a presentation as
> >recently as 2004-09-21, it's sufficiently different in delivery and
> materials,
> >etc. that it shouldn't be horribly redundant for those that may have also
> >caught the 2004-09-21 presentation.
> >
> >Let's see, ... and when, ... 2005-09-20 or 2005-10-18 or later may be
> >possibilities, ... but may not be able to confirm date until approximately
> >early-ish September.
> >
> >Feedback on the materials and such have been quite positive, e.g.
> including
> >quotes such as: "I've attended other scripting classes, one taught by a
> >professional instructor and one by a PhD.  Neither of these compare to
> what
> ><presenter> was able to accomplish." (that was for a compact one-day
> >presentation and mini-lab on that topic and those materials by presenter).
> >
> >Oh, ... and what presenter?  That Michael Paoli person again, a.k.a.
> >yours truly.
> >
> >Anyway, I've done presentation (and mini-lab) as a dayish long thing (I
> think
> >it was <~=6 hours, including lab time and exercises), ... have also done
> >preparations before for doing it as presentations somewhere in the range
> of
> >an hour or two.  Anyway, without "lab" and exercises and such (but perhaps
> >with some tiny mini-demos) I could whittle and squeeze it to within <~=75
> >minutes (which is about as much "real" presentation time as we end up with
> at
> >BALUG meetings).
> >

> >
> >So, ... anyway, what do you all think regarding cut-off date for
> announcement
> >and such?  Certainly more lead time is better to let folks know and plan
> and
> >mark their calendars and such, but a reasonable yay or nay deadline date
> to
> >plan for and announce a speaker? ... maybe we want to try and answer that
> >question in general - then perhaps answering the specific case at hand
> follows
> >logically from the general answer.
> >
> >I suppose in cases where leading right up to the meeting, we don't have a
> >speaker/presenter lined up, we could still have someone show up relatively
> >last minute as available to do a presentation ... but probably need at
> *least*
> >a few days for most folks to even catch the announcement and possibly show
> up,
> >and preferably week(s) or more for most folks that would want to come to
> any
> >specific presentation to be able to mark and/or clear/arrange their
> calendars
> >so that they'd be able to come.  And where we have opportunity to schedule
> and
> >announce a speaker/presenter reasonably well in advance, as opposed to
> quite
> >last minute(/hour/day/...) arrangements, it's probably much preferable to
> get
> >them scheduled and announced suitably in advance.
> >
> >So, ... yes, I can certainly do a presentation on shell
> scripting/programming,
> >but mostly a matter of confirming a suitable BALUG meeting date, and being
> able
> >to confirm it sufficiently well in advance as to be rather to quite
> useful.
> >
> >Anyway, I can put together text that can be used for an "announcement" to
> be
> >sent out (and web page blurbs, etc.) when we've got a confirmed "go" date.
> >
> >Maybe we could even manage to have someone other than the presenter send
> the
> >announce e-mail out when such a time comes - might at least look a hair
> more
> >objective. :-)
> >
> >references/excerpts:
> >http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-talk-balug.org/2004-August/002877.html
> >http://lists.balug.org/private.cgi/balug-admin-balug.org/2005-April/000027.html
> >http://lists.balug.org/private.cgi/balug-admin-balug.org/2005-May/000028.html
> >http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-announce-balug.org/2005-May/000032.html
> >http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-talk-balug.org/2005-May/003288.html
> >http://www.rawbw.com/~mp/linux/lvm/balug/
> >(I still have some tweaks/updates to upload to stuff around that URL
> above)

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