[balug-admin] [DRAFT] News & BALUG 2006-08-15: Don Armstrong of Debian: Debian: Why? How? What next?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 9 23:53:21 PDT 2006

Okay, ... this is what I've got for DRAFT to go out on the BALUG
"anounce" list.  My plans are to get it out not later than *very
early* Friday, and possibly as "soon" as rather to quite late
Thursday.  In the meantime, if there are things that ought to be
corrected, tweaked, added, shrunk, removed, etc., certainly let me know.

News & BALUG 2006-08-15: Don Armstrong of Debian: Debian: Why? How? What next?


2006-08-15 BALUG: Don Armstrong of Debian: Debian: Why? How? What next? ...

For our August 15th, 2006 BALUG meeting, we have:
Don Armstrong on Debian: Why? How? What next?
Why you should consider using Debian, some tips on how to actually use
Debian, with a look into how Debian actually got where it is and where
Debian is going in the future, both for Etch, and beyond.

Don Armstrong is a Debian Developer who is active in end user support,
package maintenance, legal issues affecting Free Software, and works
on the Debian Bug Tracking System. He is also a graduate student at
the University of California, Riverside in the Cell, Molecular and
Developmental Biology program, where he uses Debian in his research.

Some keysignings might also occur (we had a bit of an impromptu
keysigning at our July meeting, and when and where Debian folks
gather there's also an increased probability of keysignings
occurring).  Also, there will probably be some keysignings at/around
LinuxWorld (see also LinuxWorld, below).  Also see The San
Francisco Bay Area keysigning information and discussion list
(publicly archived) for latest developments/plans/announcements.



2006-08-14 - 2006-08-17 LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

Free "Exhibits Only" pass registration is still available through
2006-08-13.  An "Exhibits Only" pass includes for free:
 3-day access to the LinuxWorld Exhibit Hall
 Feature Presentations
 Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions*

*Please also note, if you're going to LinuxWorld Birds-of-a-Feather
(BoF) Meetings on 2006-08-15 and you want to make the BALUG meeting,
please try to depart LinuxWorld by approximately 6:40 P.M. to make it
to BALUG at least approximately on time.

Some keysignings will almost certainly be arranged at LinuxWorld (see
also The San Francisco Bay Area keysigning information and discussion
list (publicly archived) for latest developments/plans/announcements).



2006-08-16 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM BoF: Network, Device, and Environment Monitoring
(BoF at LinuxWorld - see also LinuxWorld, above)
Informal "meet and greet" reception at GroundWork's offices after the BoF


2006-08-19 Picn*x15 - registration is still open - at least last I checked


2006-09-19 BALUG meeting - don't have a specific speaker/presentation
confirmed yet, but even if we end up without, that doesn't stop us
from having good, interesting meetings (good folks, good food, good
conversation, interesting questions/observations/"answers"/etc.).


2006-10-17 BALUG: Patrick McGovern of Splunk

For our October 17th, 2006 BALUG meeting, we have: Splunk, a company
that claims to take the SH out of IT: TOPIC: Splunk: Illuminating the
issues in your Data Center. SPEAKER: Patrick McGovern BACKGROUND:
Splunk, based in San Francisco, makes a web-based AJAX-enhanced
search engine that allows system administrators and programmers to
search all their incoming log files in real time (any type of log
files: Sendmail, Cisco, MySQL, syslog, etc.) with a browser. It's a
powerful tool to allow people to 'see' inside their systems as they
are running. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Patrick is the Chief Community
Splunker at Splunk, Inc. Prior to joining Splunk, Patrick McGovern
managed SourceForge.net for five years for VA Software / OSTG.

2006-11-21 BALUG meeting


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