[balug-admin] BALUG - video projection hookup, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 10 06:07:14 PDT 2006

covers most of the video projection details.

I'd also add the following general notes of correction/update/addition:
"Our" (available to BALUG) converter thingy covers "640x480" (less
perhaps some slight edge losses as noted on the URL above).  However it's
not fixed to the upper left 640x480 - it will, for example, track
mouse motions and pan the area of the input video that is converted and
output.  So, ... for example, if one designs the "slides" for the upper
left 640x480, and has on-screen notes, if/when one moves mouse over one's
on-screen notes, what's covered on the projection will pan to show that.
If one's able to make the jump back and forth pretty quick (e.g. when
changing slides anyway), and remembers to shove the mouse/cursor to the upper
left right after any repositioning/scrolling of "notes", the effect works
out to be rather to quite tolerable and only slightly or very slightly
distracting.  I don't know that we've got anyone that's presented that's
found/had significantly different experiences with our video hook-up, but at
least that's what I've observed with my personal laptop (IBM ThinkPad
T40p TYPE 2373-G1U running Debian GNU/Linux) and our available video hook-up.

We do also have microphone/PA available to us (handy for those of us who's
voices don't project as well and/or when our turnout is on the larger side
and some tables aren't as close to the "stage"/platform/podium area.

Quoting Michael Paoli:

> Yes, ... let me find you the link that has the relevant technical details.
> I'll send you that shortly.
> Quoting Don Armstrong:
> > Looks fine to me; one quick question: will there be a projector/screen
> > at the restaurant? [Don't want to be depending on having one and find
> > out that there won't be one.]

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