[balug-admin] Promoting Debian@BALUG event ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Aug 13 03:18:44 PDT 2006

I may tweak it a bit more, but this is what I've basically got thus far:
Idea would be something roughly similar to what I did to promote the
BAD meeting via the Debian booth at LinuxWorld last year.
Print up an 8.5"x11" color version for display in the Debian booth.
Prith up quarter sheet B&W versions (8.5"x11" photocopies cut to
1/4 size) for handout at the Debian booth (and any other appropriate
places).  The reverse of the 1/4 sheet handouts would have some
information about various User Groups in/around the Bay Area (e.g.
BALUG, BAD, the BALE list, etc.) - so even after the BALUG meeting is
past, the reverse of those 1/4 sheets would still be useful (and also
handy for those looking at the front or sign wondering what BALUG is).

I'll probably also whip up some 8.5"X11" sign(s) for use in the Debian
booth (and anyone else that wants to promote it) about the noon Th.
keysigning meet-up at the Debian booth.

Materials aren't cast in stone ... yet ... if there's something someone
thinks should be changed on the materials, speak up ... or grab the
GIMP version (also at that URL, bzip2 compressed) and have a crack at it.

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