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Passing along...

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Hi Rick:

I am going to be going on an extended vacation until most likely August/
September.  When I get back, I will see if I can get a speaker for your

Until then, enjoy your summer!


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Quoting Amy Klein (aklein@google.com):

> Hi Rick:
> Thank you for getting back to me!  
> Question for you...How large in your group?
> What type of topics are you looking to be presented?

Hi, Amy.  The group's attendence tends to vary a lot based on topic and
(presumably) conflicting events.  Meetings are held at the upstairs banquet
room of a Chinatown restaurant (the Four Seas) that can accomodate several
hundred people, and the speaker's presentation follows a banquet-style
dinner.  (The speaker eats courtesy of the audience, of course.)  Typical
BALUG meeting attendance is about 50 people -- sometimes more, sometimes

The audience is predominantly technical, so the best sorts of presentations
are likewise, e.g., presentations about aspects of Linux and open source at
Google, or Chris di Bona doing his talk about the Summer of Code program, or
Marc Merlin talking about Exim (both friends of mine <grin>).

Odds are, if a topic would be interesting to Google's own engineers and
sysadmins, it would be to BALUG's membership, too.

I am not actually the person who handles speakers for BALUG, but I'll be
forwarding our mail to the people who do (CC'd).  Thank you for your
interest in BALUG!

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