[balug-admin] At LinuxWorld: BoF: Network, Device, and Environment Monitoring BoF, Wednesday, 2006-08-16, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 20 05:04:11 PDT 2006

Thanks for the information.  Unfortunately I didn't get to this
e-mail before this month's BALUG meeting.  In the meantime,
I can pass it along to the BALUG "talk" list, and Cc: the "admin"
list, and when we send out our next e-mailing to the
"announce" list (probably about a week before the next BALUG meeting -
that meeting being the day before the BoF session you mention),
I/we can probably also include a brief metion (and relevant link(s))
to information about the BoF session.  That will probably also reach
more folks than verbal announcement alone at the meeting would have
covered anyway.  FYI, you can also post directly to the "talk" list
yourself if you're subscribed to it.  I didn't, at least easily, spot
link(s) on the LinuxWorld site covering listing of specific BoFs
for LinuxWorld - at least yet - but if those are available when we
cover a later announcement, we could probably also include those links

I also noticed that for this year's LinuxWorld in San Francisco, it looks
like free Expo passes can be signed up for through 2006-08-13 - quite close
to the start of LinuxWorld itself (not sure about the cut-off, but
certainly after some date the registration probably becomes will-call
pickup rather than being mailed out).


Quoting Peter Mui <pmui@groundworkopensource.com>:

> Hi Michael:
> I hope this gets to you in time for tonight's meeting.
> I saw your posting about upcoming BALUG meetings.  We have an  
> upcoming event that BALUG members are invited to and might be  
> interested in:
> At LinuxWorld:
> BoF: Network, Device, and Environment Monitoring BoF
> Wednesday, 08/16/2006, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
> Speakers:
> Ian Berry, Project Lead, Cacti
> Kees Cook, Project Lead, Sendpage
> Matt Massie, Project Lead, Ganglia
> Tobi Oetiker, Project Lead, RRDtool, MRTG, Smokeping
> Remo Rickli, Project Lead, NeDi
> We'll open with the evolution of open source tools for network and  
> server monitoring and management, and briefly discuss the the state  
> of the IT management tools industry -- both commercial and Open Source.
> We will then describe individual components for Open Source IT  
> management: many project leads for tools such as ganglia, Cacti,  
> rrdtool, MRTG, NeDi (and others) will present briefly on their tools  
> and answer questions.
> Finally, we'll describe an approach that integrates multiple open  
> source tools to create a comprehensive Network Monitoring solution.
> Can you please mention these at tonight's meeting?  People should  
> sign up for (free) LinuxWorld exhibits passes so they can attend the  
> BoF.
> We also have a regular conference session earlier in the day, but  
> people will have to get a full conference pass to attend that ($$$).
> Thanks, and feel free to contact me anytime with questions.
> Cheers, -Peter
> Peter Mui, Open Source Community Advocate
> GROUNDWORK Open Source, Inc.
> 139 Townsend Street, Suite 100
> San Francisco, CA 94107-1946
> +1 415 992 4573 (direct)
> +1 415 947 0684 (fax)
> pmui@groundworkopensource.com

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