[balug-admin] FYI: Mailman config summary for our three lists

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 13 17:15:18 PDT 2006

Quoting rick (rick):

> A couple of months ago, Larry was kind enough to give me the changed
> administrative password -- which he said had to be changed because
> one of the listadmins inadvertantly revealed the old one on one of the
> public lists.  So, as mentioned, I am (once again) physically _able_ to
> tweak any of the settings -- but would not do so except in close
> consultation with other listadmins.

OK, I've acted just a tiny bit, in the areas where I think we're all in
agreement.  Why?  Because I noticed another jobs listing in the
moderation queue for balug-announce.  This one was:

  Thread-Topic: Systems Engineer and Sales Engineer positions, San Francisco ISP
  Thread-Index: AcaOQanLzTKYPCmrQ9e7k+ZirPYeJg==
  From: "David Hecht" <david@servepath.com>
  To: <balug-announce@lists.balug.org>
  Message-ID: <S1Fpplq-000883-Lg@smtp1.servepath.com>

  My company has open positions for both a Sales Engineer and a Systems

  If you are looking to take your career to the next level, consider the
  challenge of San Francisco's largest and fastest growing Internet
  service provider. With over 2000 customers you will work on a wider
  variety of issues and deploy more types of production systems than
  almost anywhere else. You won't be bored.

  Red Hat * Fedora * Debian * FreeBSD

  Full job descriptions here:

  Questions welcome, though I am not in charge of hiring for these


  Phone 415.869.7003  |  eFax 415.680.2912=20
  360 Spear Street  |  2nd Floor  |  San Francisco, CA 94105
  Dedicated Server Hosting: http://www.ServePath.com=20
  San Francisco Colocation: http://www.ColoServe.com
  Streaming Media Services: http://www.UpStreamNetworks.com

Since we don't know who's been approving such postings recently, I felt
I should step in (and, hey, I _am_ a listadmin) to politely turn it
down, as the first thing.  Here's my reject text:

  Despite a recent error by one of the moderators, balug-announce is NOT
  a jobs mailing list, and is not intended to be open to postings by the
  general public:  It's primarily intended as a means to announce upcoming
  BALUG meetings to the membership.

That having been done, I addressed one of the omissions that created
this situation in the first place:  The "terse phraes identifying the
list" (shown near the top of the listinfo page) now reads:

  Announcements for and by BALUG

The "introductory paragraph" below that on the same listinfo page now

  This is a low-volume announce-only (non-discussion) mailing list
  primarily for BALUG's meeting announcements to its members.  Please
  send any other announcement to the moderators at 
  balug-announce-owner@lists.balug.org, and they'll decide whether 
  to post it.  

  The membership roster is open to all listmembers.

I've also made a couple of other changes that I hope will be
non-controversial.  (Listadmins are welcome to revise my changes.)

"(Administrivia filter) Check postings and intercept ones that seem to
be administrative requests?":  Changed from No to Yes.

"Discard held messages older than this number of days. Use 0 for no
automatic discarding.":  Changed from 0 to 7.

On balug-talk, "terse phrase" is now:

  General discussion list for BALUG

"Introductory paragraph" is:

  This is a public discussion mailing list for Bay Area Linux User
  Group, which meets monthly in Chinatown, San Francisco.  

  Postings are publicly archived, and the membership roster is available
  to any subscriber.

And I duplicated the other two changes cited above for balug-announce.

On balug-admin (this list), "terse phrase" is now:

  Discussion among those who make BALUG work

"Introductory paragraph" is:

  This is a low-traffic public mailing list among BALUG members who run
  its Web site and mailing lists, find speakers/topics for its monthly
  meetings in Chinatown, San Francisco, and run those meetings. All
  interested or curious people are quite welcome, but this is a working
  rather than social forum.  

  Posts are publicly archived, and the membership roster is available to
  any member.

Again, I duplicated the other two changes cited above for balug-announce.

On all three lists, I also added my e-mail address to the "nagmail" roster.

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