[balug-admin] [Balug-admin] Ugh! ... the announce list is NOT FOR JOB POSTINGS!!!

Larry Platzek larryp@inow.com
Wed Jun 14 20:07:23 PDT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, Rick Moen wrote:

> Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 01:36:12 -0700
> From: Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>
> To: balug-admin@lists.balug.org
> Subject: Re: [balug-admin] [Balug-admin] Ugh! ... the announce list is NOT FOR
>      JOB POSTINGS!!!
> Quoting Xavier (balug-talk@xav.to):
>> I probably should have not have let those build up in the first place.
>> I was fuzzy on the policy regarding how to handle them and hoped one of
>> the other admins would lend a hand.
> Yeah, good point.  I figure it'd be a good idea to get consensus on
> policy, soonish, if only so we're more-or-less consistent and not
> hesitant.
>> I am curious about who greenlighted them.
>> I'm also somewhat disoriented by the flood of response to it. :-)
> People do get funny about that.  Far be it from me to be critical.
> (My own flurry of activity reflected my trying to catch up on where we
> are, and try to do some good without stepping on anyone's toes.)
> Larry tells me that people who _probably_ have the listadmin password are:
> Larry Platzek
> Michael Paoli
> Ann E. Worley
> Xavier
> Dick Verna
> Rick Moen
Michael Hubbard I think does, I think he is also balugadmin is is Dick 

> (I don't yet have addresses for Ann or Dick, but will probably look
> around.)
If you do not know by now I can look them up.

>> I was the one who implemented the password change after a small
>> consensus and passed it on to Larry/Dick.

> Appreciated.  Larry (about a month back, or so) passed it on to me (and
> possibly some others).  I've passed it on to nobody.
>> It might be a good idea to start a CC list of admins, mods, etc. to keep
>> BALUG maintainers up to speed with each other and generally make things
>> less uncoordinated.
> One possibility:  Mailman automatically handles a -owner address for
> each valid mailing list, reaching all addresses in the nagmail roster
> for that list.  At present, it appears
> [any of our three]-owner@lists.balug.org reaches you, Larry Pletzek, and
> me.
>> I'm wary about starting actual admin topics on a public forum.
> So far, we haven't discussed anything needing privacy, however.
>>> 2.  Whom does e-mail to the "balugadmin@balug.org" and
>>> "balugadmin-talk@xav.to" addresses reach?
>> I'm not sure about the first one, the second one is me. I assume the
>> first redirects to several other people, but I haven't seen the control
>> for that, and I've apparently been mistaken about how many active
>> admin/mods feed off of balugadmin@balug.org...
> This is one reason I think it's a bad idea to include "role" e-mail
> addresses in the nagmail roster:  It obscures who's include and how many
> people.
> In any event, Larry wrote me privately to say that
> "balugadmin@balug.org" reaches him, and not Michael Hubbard as I'd
> speculated.
I think Michael Hubbard, Dick Verna and me. Xavier may be on this list of 

I have not heard from Michael in while, hope is doing good.

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