[balug-admin] BALUG web site: activated/updated "Coming up..."

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 11 01:31:42 PDT 2006

I updated and activated the "Coming up..." block on the BALUG
web site.  No speaker for Sept. - at least thus far.  Might yet change,
but not too probable at this date.  I'll probably put out a
"reminder"/announcement about the Sept. meeting around the middle of this
week (approx. 2006-09-13), unless someone else thinks there's reason to tweak
timing of the announcement (e.g. if we have or almost have a speaker confirmed
around then).  Let me/us know if there's anyting in particular to add/
include/reference on the announcement when it goes out.

Anyway, what I put in the "Coming up..." block:

Coming up...   	
September 19th, 2006 BALUG meeting, at least presently we don't have a specific
speaker/presentation lined up for this meeting, but that doesn't prevent us from
having interesting and exciting meetings. Got questions, answers, and/or
opinions? We typically have some expert(s) and/or relative expert(s) present to
cover LINUX and related topic areas. Want to hear some interesting discussions
on LINUX and other topics? Show up at the meeting, and feel free to bring an
agenda if you wish. Good food, good people, and interesting conversations to be had.

For our 2006-10-17 meeting, looks like we do have a speaker/presentation lined
up. We'll likely provide more details once we've reconfirmed (probably within a
week of our September meeting).

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