[balug-admin] speaker coordinators

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 26 01:37:44 PDT 2006

Okay, ...

Thanks again to John Mark Walker for also volunteering to assist on

First a few updates and such ...

As I mentioned before (too lazy/efficient to paraphrase myself, so
Also, to coordinate arranging for speakers (e.g. so we don't double-book,
etc.), for the "off-list" communications, I'd (strongly) recommend we
at least Cc: all of those among us that are either involved in coordinating
speakers, or may be involved in attempting to coordinate such ... not
necessarily for every e-mail, but at least some of the more key stuff
(confirmations and speaker contact details).

At present, these are the list of folks I have as "speaker
coordinators" - I'll also send the e-mail addresses off-list to all of
us "speaker coordinators", so that we should all have a current list.
Not necessarily everyone on the list is highly involved in any and/or
all aspects of speaker coordination and/or at all times, but they
should at least be notified, as they may at least be sometimes
involved in this and/or updating relevant web page stuff, sending out
announcements, etc.

Dick Verna
Larry Platzek
Michael Paoli
John Mark Walker

I also just (re-)verified that all of those listed above are also on
the balug-admin list, so sending to the balug-admin list would
generally also reach all of the "speaker coordinators" (but where
speakers / potential speakers don't or wouldn't want their contact
details, discussions of potential speaking arrangements, etc. publicly
archived, don't send that to the balug-admin list, as that list is
also publicly archived (for various reasons stated a fair bit

I'm presuming that:
Ann E. Worley
is at least not presently available to us to assist on speaker
coordination, but she can update us if she is or becomes available
(some relatively recent e-mails bounced, she's no longer subscribed on
balug-admin, and I heard she was probably tied up with other stuff).

I'm guestimating that:
mikron (Mike?)
probably isn't interested/available to assist on speaker coordination,
but perhaps I'm guessing incorrectly (he can let us know if he'd like
to assist with this ... earlier he expressed interest in assisting
with some database and/or web stuff, but I also note at present that
he doesn't seem to be subscribed on balug-admin).

More to follow off-list ((re-)confirming Oct. speaker, e-mail
addresses of "speaker coordinators", etc.)


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