[Balug-Admin] Lists: stats, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 28 15:37:54 PST 2007

Some updated list stats, etc.:

A fair increase (7.5% increase in total uniques) since I last checked
(see references),

list subscribers (does include also those with delivery disabled):
$ wc -l */memb*`date -I`
   28 balug-admin/membership_2007-12-28
  336 balug-announce/membership_2007-12-28
  261 balug-talk/membership_2007-12-28
$ sort -u */membership_*`date -I` | wc -l

e-mail addresses that are subscribed to "talk", but *NOT* subscribed
to "announce".
$ { sort -u balug-talk/membership_`date -I`
> cat balug-announce/membership_`date -I` \
> balug-announce/membership_`date -I`; } | sort | uniq -u | wc -l
That will soon get "corrected" ... policy has been changed, and for those
that don't ask to be excepted, if they're on "talk" (or "admin") but not on
"announce", they'll get added to "announce" unless they follow
the procedure to get added to the exception list (this has been mentioned
now on the "talk" and "admin" lists ... I'll wait a few days or so for
folks to ask to be "excepted" - and then add those that don't ask to
be excepted to the "announce" list - I plan to do this *early* next year -
before we do our next send to the "announce" list).

I also restricted access of the list roster to the list admins - to prevent
potential abuse (e.g. by spammers).  Those that have access to the balug
group on new.balug.org can also read periodically archived copies of the
list roster and backup copy of the archives (


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