[Balug-Admin] Lists: stats, etc.

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 28 16:39:31 PST 2007

Correcting an accidentally omitted word:

> (2) Using the listadmin-accessible-only setting creates an implication
> of hypercontrol and creates the suspicion in the minds of many of us
> mailing list old-timers that this is yet another forum run by control
> freaks who like to "disappear" people they dislike while making sure
> that, lacking access to the roster, they write to their fellow members
> to protest the action.                  ^ cannot

And yes, I've seen a couple of mailing lists where such warning signs
_do_ correctly indicate that such passive-aggressive, control-freak
behaviour is endemic among the listadmin staff.

By the way, speaking of typing gaffes, I just did some very minor and
insufferably pedantic copyediting fixes to the new text on the listinfo

o  "subscribed":  You accidentally omitted the "r".
o  "Web":  Being a proper noun in this context, it needs an initial capital.
o  "Linux":  Since it's not an acronym, "LINUX" really wasn't right.

I also bestowed a few initial capitals, closing periods, and commas
where needed.  (Yeah, I know most people lack the pedant gene, and am
not complaining.  I just want our pages to look the best they can.)

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