[Balug-Admin] stats: last meeting & list membership; & other list info.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 24 05:40:37 PDT 2007

For the interested/curious:

2007-07-17 meeting attendance:
approximately 22+ (largest in a fair while)
21 dining with us on our regular restaurant deal
 1 dining with us on separate menu and pricing
I think there was also a smaller bunch (approximately 4)
that seemed to want to join us for dining, ... but way late and
when there wasn't really any additional seating available with us - I think
they went to hang out somewhere else ("lobby", bar?) and may have joined
us for at least part of the talk/presentation.

list subscribers (does include also those with delivery disabled):
$ wc -l */memb*`date -I`
   27 balug-admin/membership_2007-07-24
  287 balug-announce/membership_2007-07-24
  256 balug-talk/membership_2007-07-24
And a rough approximation of unique e-mail addresses (note that some folks
use unique per-list addresses):
$ sort -u */membership_*`date -I` | wc -l

Note also that it appears we have a fairly large number of folks that are
subscribed to "talk", but *NOT* subscribed to "announce".
Theoretically (at least logically) that shouldn't be the case
(in general - typically exceptions being per-list e-mail addresses),
but it is totally under "user" control.
A quick count of that:
$ { sort -u balug-talk/membership_2007-07-24; cat
balug-announce/membership_2007-07-24 balug-announce/membership_2007-07-24; } |
sort | uniq -u | wc -l

Perhaps we'll address that in the future (e.g. subscribe "talk" to
"announce" and remove from "announce" e-mail addresses also present on
"talk") ... but for now I'm thinking we'll probably leave it as-is.
Perhaps when we're about ready to move the lists ... could test that out
a bit, and if such a change would work fine, put such a change
in place at time of migration (of course, with such a change in place,
nothing would automagically prevent an e-mail address from then
subscribing to both lists ... but perhaps we could set up something
that would automagically deal with that).

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