[Balug-admin] upcoming BALUG meeting, (pre-)announcement, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 16 10:14:42 PDT 2007

Well, ... as far as I'm aware, we still don't have a speaker/presentation
lined up for this month's meeting on this coming Tuesday 2007-06-19.

Probably about about time to send out meeting announcement/reminder.

I was thinking I would go ahead and send that out by end of today.
Presuming we still don't have speaker/presentation lined up, I can also
include reminder to folks of how to let us know if they would be able
to do a presentation/talk, or wanted to let us know or refer to us someone
who could.

Anything else we should add/included in announcement?  Perhaps remind folks
that LinuxWorld registration is open, and comes to San Francisco in
August (or maybe just put that out on the "talk" list if there isn't
already such an item out there).

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