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jim stockford jim@well.com
Tue May 1 08:39:21 PDT 2007

    as to Ed Cherlin on OLPC with respect to
the Marvell presenter, I've seen no other
    What say I try to get Ed for this coming May
meeting and we'll get someone from Marvell
a few months later?
    Time's getting tight, lemme know, please.
This'll be my default action by Friday of this

On Apr 27, 2007, at 9:16 PM, Michael Paoli wrote:

> Quoting Jesse Zbikowski <embeddedlinuxguy@gmail.com>:
>> On 4/27/07, jim stockford <jim@well.com> wrote:
>>> Ed Cherlin is willing to talk on the One Laptop
>>> Per Child project. What say? Who's working
>>> on getting speakers? Anything committed at
>>> this point?
>> This sounds great.  How soon can we confirm?
>> I will also email my contact at Marvell (Scott McCormack) who wants to
>> send a presenter to talk about OLPC.  Would it be better to have (a)
>> both on the same night, (b) back-to-back months, or (c) space 'em out?
> Other perspective probably vary, ... but I'd tend to think either
> have them present both the same night, or space them out by at least a 
> few
> months or more - at *least* if the areas covered by the presentation 
> are
> rather similar or overlap a lot.
> My guestimate is if we have two consecutive meetings on 
> topic/presentation
> that's "too similar", we'd probably get sub-optimal attendance for 
> either
> or both meetings.
> Anyway, just my perspective/guestimate.  I can come up with some other
> plausable theories/perspectives, but I'm guesstimating what I already 
> noted
> above is likely the more plausible and probable.

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