[Balug-admin] Edward Cherlin for May 15; announcement & misc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon May 7 13:02:26 PDT 2007

Great, thanks.  I'll use what's been written up, and get the
announcement out to the "announce" list later today (probably this
evening or tonight).  If anyone has any other items that should get
mentioned/referenced in that e-mail to the "announce" list, let me know
and I can also include (or include reference to) that.

Also, I tweaked the "announce" list very slightly the other day.
Details further on down below (after the reference on Jesse's e-mail).

Quoting Jesse Zbikowski <embeddedlinuxguy@gmail.com>:

> I put some text up here:
> http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/186982/
> For now this links to my website for BALUG info so there is a link to
> join the mailing list.  This is just temporary until we have another
> page together.
> The One Laptop Per Child project was founded in 2005 by Nicholas
> Negroponte with a core of MIT Media Lab veterans. Its flagship XO
> laptop is a unique machine with features created specifically for
> children of the emerging world. Ed Cherlin, project contributor and
> author of the forthcoming book "Ending Poverty for Fun and Profit",
> will talk about the XO and demo its hardware and software. For more
> information about OLPC see laptop.org and OLPC News.

On the BALUG "announce" list, I disabled the "digest" option, and for
those very few subscribers (approximately 2% of our approximately 250
subscribers to "announce") that had the "digest" option set, I cleared
that option on their settings.  Rationale:
* the "announce" list should be sufficiently low volume (typically 1
  to a few e-mails per month) that "digest" mode should be relatively
  unnecessary - especially since it had been set to monthly digests.
* "announce" traffic should be sufficiently important, and may be
  sufficiently time critical that substantial delay (e.g. up to a
  month) may be problematic (e.g. announcing meeting speaker less than
  a month in advance, a critical change in meeting close to time of
  meeting such as substitution of speaker) - such items should
  generally get delivered in a fairly timely manner (and even "daily"
  digest may not be sufficiently timely)
* for those (if they exist) that really really want to read the
  "announce" list mostly as historical, and don't want timely updates,
  the archives are publicly readable.

I haven't disabled "digest" mode or changed its frequency for the
"talk" or "admin" lists.  Those probably may get "chatty" at time, and
(at least some) folks may well want the "digest" option for those (and
I don't recall anyone commenting that the "digest" period was too
short or too long for those lists - so I haven't even explicitly peeked
to see what it's set at on those lists).

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