[Balug-Admin] BALUG history/archives

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 13 22:25:47 PST 2007

I did manage to retrieve a fair chunk of older BALUG history/archives.

Thanks to The Internet Archive, I got what would seem to be much
of the older mail list materials.  Covering from approximately
1997-01-27 through approximately 2001-02-11.  We have the list materials
from 2001-06-15 going forward.  The gap from 2001-02-11 through 2001-06-15
might be "lost" or very hard to obtain ... unless we find someone who saved
an e-mail archive that includes that.  That gap is likely from when
the Internet Archive made its last pass over the older mail list
locations, and when those locations were last used.  On 2001-06-15 the
lists picked up starting at a new location.

There's still a fair bit of other material to retrieve.  Some of the
quite old web stuff (which can still probably be pulled from The Internet
Archive - I've gotten much of that already, but have some other pieces
to retrieve) ... and there's much of the more mid-timeframe range web
content (e.g. meeting minutes and materials and lots of other
useful/interesting stuff) ... from roughly 2003-09 through 2007-05
... most of that is "trapped" behind some broken PHP/MySQL on our "legacy"
site, ... there may also be some stuff that may be difficult to infeasible
to find towards the early end of that range - most notably from the prior
site from last pass of The Internet Archive through to the last changes
on that older site before it went away and was replaced with the newer site.

Anyway, I/we will likely make these older materials available (at least
what we've got or been able to retrieve thus far) in the
not-too-horribly-distant future.  Would be nice to also close in the gaps
of thus far missing or not presently accessible materials ... at least as
much as feasible, anyway.

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