[BALUG-Admin] Lists: stats, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 7 22:07:12 PST 2008

Lists: stats, etc.

553+10=563* balug-announce/membership_2008-02-07
       268  balug-talk/membership_2008-02-07
        28  balug-admin/membership_2008-02-07

563 subscribers to "announce" (*I just added 10 that were subscribed to
"talk" and/or "admin" but not "announce").  As thus far no one's 
requested to be added to the "exception" list (per policy, etc.), 
that's a total of 563 unique subscribers (all of which are included on 

That's up 8.7% from 518 uniques on 2007-12-28, and up 23% from 457 
uniques on 2007-09-03


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