[BALUG-Admin] BALUG (pre-)draft announce

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 10 06:22:23 PDT 2008

I wrote up a mini-bio for Mark Shuttleworth for our 2008-03-25 meeting:

For our first annoucement this month (I'll likely get that out by about
Tuesday evening or a bit earlier) I'll probably do announcement
covering Shuttleworth and mostly based on that mini-bio I wrote up (unless
I also get a talk outline/abstract sooner that I can also add on the web
site and include in what's sent out).

I'll also "ask" ("please") / remind folks to RSVP.

For additional items on the announcement, I intend to also include brief
mentions (with links/references) on:

The 2008-03-01 Installfest for Schools

LugRadio Live USA 2008 in San Francisco

And short list reminding folks of additional upcoming speakers (should that
be positioned between Shuttleworth and the Installfest, or towards the end?)

For "reminder" / additional announcements, I'd think we'll send a 2nd
announcement this month (also functioning as reminder) just a bit (a couple
days or so) before the 3rd Tuesday - as this month BALUG doesn't meet
on the 3rd Tuesday, but rather on the 25th (still a Tuesday, but the
4th Tuesday).

Any other brief items that should get included that are suitable for the
"announce" list and/or tweaks that should be made to the above?

If I don't get too pressed for time, I'll probably put a "draft" to the
"admin" list roughly Monday evening or so, in case folks have any "final"

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