[BALUG-Admin] BALUG Leadership / Appropriate List topics

Andrew Fife AFife@untangle.com
Thu Nov 13 02:03:31 PST 2008


I am not willing to continue engaging in an admin related discussion
on balug-talk.  Please stop posting off-topic content there, it is
disrespectful to talk subscribers who have made informed decisions not
to opt-in to admin related content.  Anyone, that's feels they are
missing out on admin content can either subscribe to balug-admin and/
or review the archives.

Regarding leadership, balug has no formal leader.  In other words,
while I am proud of my volunteer efforts, I am not "the leader" of
balug.   The best way to affect change is to gather momentum for the
changes you seek from active volunteers on this mailing list and/or in
person at monthly meetings.  Continually asking me to make a decision
on behalf of balug is not a good way affect change.



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