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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Apr 13 20:13:57 PDT 2009

I wrote:

> This sort of thing makes me not a happy camper -- and the point is, 
> _it keeps happening_.  I have politely asked people before, in this
> space, to cease changing mailing list settings without checking with me. 
> It has not worked.

In fact, on occasion, I read through the configuration screens of all
three of our mailing lists, looking for things that have been
whimsically changed without discussion.  About half the time, I find
some.  Today's run:

1.  Somebody doubled from 5 to 10 the permissible number of addresses 
on posts to balug-announce.  Reverted.

2.  Somebody switched off password reminders for balug-admin.  Reverted.

3.  Somebody added a large number of (probable) spammer addresses, most
of them in .jp, to the roster of addresses from which postings to 
balug-talk will be automatically discarded.  Reverted.

4.  Somebody put Christian Einfeldt's GMail address in _this_ mailing
list's roster of addresses from which postings will be automatically
discarded.  Reverted!  That seems an incredibly harsh and unjustifiable 
thing to do to Christian, and I'm quite shocked that somebody did that.
(I'm referring to "einfeldt@gmail.com", which is in fact a subscribed
address in good standing on this mailing list.)

Now, with the exception of that last item, all of these are matters that
might be worth considering upon discussion.  The point was:  There was
no discussion -- and, when things like that get screwed up, it reflects
badly on me much more than on the rest of you (my name being the one
shown as listadmin), _and_ the public at large will naturally assume 
I'm the guy who did them.

Christian, my regrets on behalf of BALUG for whoever decided your
postings to this list should be autodiscarded.  (It was not I.)

Cheers,              Híggledy-pìggledy / XML programmers
Rick Moen            Try to escape those / I-eighteen-N woes;
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