[BALUG-Admin] let's get the balug web site host moved

jim jim@well.com
Wed Sep 2 12:12:40 PDT 2009

   i've finally got a ribbon cable/connector for the 
PCMI card, so let's move the 1U machine that's hosting 
the balug web site from the sfccp location to the 
servepath location. i've been paying for the slot, 
which is supposed to be used by the systemateka.com 
machine; i've got to get that machine in. 
   seems to me we should make a trip to the servepath 
colo and see where's the existing machine and where 
we'll put the 1U, then at another time (soon after) 
go to the sfccp colo (at 200 Paul) and take the 1U 
out, install the PCMI cable, and take it to the 
servepath colo (don't forget to reconfig the NICs 
for the servepath IPs rather than the sfccp IPs). 
   at that time i'll reclaim my tower machine that's 
been at the servepath colo and bring it home, where 
i'll make it available, via ssh, to the internet. 
415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime 

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