[BALUG-Admin] BALUG webmastering comment :-)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 1 07:05:00 PDT 2010

BALUG webmastering comment :-)

I really like the newer improved BALUG webmastering
control(s)/interface.  Gone is the waiting around for a crontab driven
rsync to production.  Now it can essnetially all be driven by balugwm1
on webmaster.balug.org.  E.g. as easy as:
o edit some staging/preview page
o copy to production
o sync across production (at present that also automagically happens by
   default if one simply waits a while - but can also be immediately
   triggered with one simple command)

E.g. (added comments on lines start with // at beginning of line):
// this ID on webmaster.balug.org host (alias/CNAME):
$ id
uid=10745(balugwm1) gid=10745(balugwm1) groups=10745(balugwm1)
// most noteworthy bits mostly reside somewhere under here:
$ pwd -P
$ vi www.new.balug.org/index.html
// check on http://www.new.balug.org/ ... looks good, copy to production:
$ cp -p www.new.balug.org/index.html www.balug.org/index.html
// immediately sync across production and it's fully live!:
$ www.balug.org_rsync


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