[BALUG-Admin] Feedback (on earlier draft) & survey form (for "Working in the Business" BALUG panel discussion)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 29 12:14:10 PDT 2010

Much thanks on the feedback.

I've carefully considered/reviewed that and
some other feedback, and made at least some changes.  (it did,
unfortunately, get a wee bit longer, but it does also now early,
and much more clearly indicate what's required vs. optional - so
zipping through just the required bits (contact info. + checking some
buttons/boxes) can be rather to quite quick to complete).

There are also numerous small tweaks throughout - which hopefully mostly
improves things at least a wee bit in various places.

Anyway, it's "live" now - I'll have the URL to take the survey /
("complete the application") out fairly soon (starting later today).

Quoting "Andrew Fife" <andrewbfife@yahoo.co.uk>:

> Here are my suggestions for improvement... please take all as IMHO.
> In general the questions themselves feel unnecessarily long.
> Question #3, the distinctions between IT worker and IT consultant and in
> -house vs. outsourced recruiter don't seem important.  Maybe these  
> four options could be rewritten and combined as "IT administrator"  
> and "Recruiter/HR"
> Question #4, seems like most programmers I'm friends with prefer the  
> title developer, but this is not a big deal.
> Question #5, does location really matter?  If not, I'd delete this question.
> Question #6, can this be rewritten as "Would you pre
> fer to be a panelist or moderator?" with yes/no or  
> panelist/moderator options?
> Question #7: this question feels like an interview question that  
> could be intimidating to some.  I'd maybe rewrite it as "What would  
> you like to talk about on the panel."  While this wouldn't cover  
> those who want to moderate, their bio is likely to speak to their  
> qualifications.
> Question #8, this feels very long.  I'd shorten it to "Please  
> provide a 1-2 paragraph bio that BALUG can use publicly."
> Question #9, references seem like overkill and I'd delete this question.

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