[BALUG-Admin] (forw) AXFR failures from

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 24 01:19:28 PDT 2016

Two days ago, I wrote:

> I notice ns1.linuxmafia.com is still in the authoritative roster for
> domain balug.org.
> I notice ns1.linuxmafia.com is NOT any longer in the authoritative
> roster for domain sf-lug.org.

It was the other way around (sorry, edit error).  ns1.linuxmafia.com is 
NOT in the authoritative roster for domain balug.org.  Specifics were in the
same message:

> $ whois balug.org | grep '^Name Server'
> Name Server: NS1.DREAMHOST.COM
> Name Server: NS2.DREAMHOST.COM
> Name Server: NS3.DREAMHOST.COM
> $ whois sf-lug.org | grep '^Name Server'
> Name Server: NS2.HE.NET
> Name Server: NS3.HE.NET
> Name Server: NS4.HE.NET
> Name Server: NS.PRIMATE.NET
> Name Server: NS5.HE.NET
> $ whois sf-lug.com | grep '^Name Server'
> Name Server: ns2.he.net
> Name Server: ns3.he.net
> Name Server: ns.primate.net
> Name Server: ns4.he.net
> Name Server: ns5.he.net
> Name Server: ns1.linuxmafia.com
> $

Which is still the case today.

So, getting back to my point (now that I'm back from Kansas City):
_Why_ should ns1.linuxmafia.com be doing secondary nameservice, given
that you aren't including it in the authoritative list?  That's kind of

Please advise.  Thanks.

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