[BALUG-Admin] DNS slaves for BALUG? :-) ... IPv6 issue somewhere between master and slaves?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Feb 21 02:44:25 PST 2016

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> So ... wee bit of reference introduction,
> then my tests/findings/recommendations/etc.,
> then more of the earlier referenced bits.

And thanks for that, by the way.  I'm buried under lots of stuff that
accumulated since I left home for various travels in mid-January (and my
cruise left the Port of San Francisco on Jan. 25th).  Also, there's the
jetlag thing.

> So ... [ns1.]linuxmafia.com. has an IPv6 stack and IPv6 link-local
> apparently configured, but no IPv6 route for anything beyond link-local
> and localhost.

Yeah, that seems to fit.  I have an IPv4 default route to the other side of
the Raw Bandwidth aDSL link at IP (my point on their
DSLAM) that I set up in March 2001 when Northpoint Communications
collapsed, taking down my residential SDSL service with it -- at which
point I became a Raw Bandwidth customer and have never screwed with the
initial setup.  It having been 2001, I didn't even think of establishing
an IPv6 route alongside the IPv4 one.

$ ip -6 addr show dev eth2
3: eth2: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qlen 1000
    inet6 fe80::220:edff:fe13:ba89/64 scope link 
       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever

$ ip -6 route show
fe80::/64 dev eth2  proto kernel  metric 256  mtu 1500 advmss 1440 hoplimit 0

Having never done this before, I am guessing that I _could_ ask Mike
Durkin (the Raw Bandwith owner) what IPv6 address for my gateway
corresponds to the IPv4 one.  Then, I guess I automate

# ip -6 route add default via [IPv6 GW address]

....somewhere in /etc/network/inferfaces, like this:

iface eth2 inet6 static
     address fe80::220:edff:fe13:ba89
     netmask 64
     up ip -6 route add default via [IPv6 GW address]
     down ip -6 route del default via [IPv6 GW address]

...using the value of [IPv6 GW address] Mike Durkin provides.

> I'd guess issue is same for ns1.svlug.org.

Yeah, fair bet.  Since SVLUG Vice-President Micah Dowty negotiated the
free VMware virthost for it and picked the Ubuntu Server image (to my
lasting annoynace), nobody's done anything to its default networking.

> Miscellaneous comments :-) :
> IPv6 - random John and Jane Doe consumer might not yet know or care (and
> may never know, or particularly care), but The Internet is (slowly)
> going the way of IPv6.

Yeah, familiar with all this.

> Oh, if one doesn't have IPv6 available from one's ISP, there are IPv6
> tunnel brokers, so one can use IPv6 over IPv4 - and thus reach the IPv6
> Internet.

Probably the only practical way.

I've heard horror stories from even very experienced individual Unix
users attempting to get IPv6 netblocks allocated to them.  The system is
basically set up to deny that.

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