[BALUG-Admin] Debian 9.2 Exim4 "vs." Eximconfig

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 6 22:55:04 PST 2017

Debian 9.2 Exim4 "vs." Eximconfig

Ah, drats, found (and thus far partially) corrected one other glitch.
doesn't play very well - at least as provided with the
spfd on Debian.  I checked, found emails getting temporary
rejections due to the Eximconfig configured to use spfd,
but not managing to talk to it.  Turns out there's syntax
changes on invoking the Debian provided spfd (at least the
one I've got installed) ... and compared to whatever I had
before with Debian 8.9.  And rather oddly also, for
where does it have its configuration on how it invokes the
operating system provided spfd?  In
itself!  It also has some odd funkiness and really ought do
with a more proper rewrite (e.g. it's status functionality
is seriously flawed - thus it fails to detect that spfd is already
running, fails to stop it, starts multiple instances of it).
Anyway, have it "working" at the moment - at least up and functional.
Need to make more adjustments to
so it's more operationally functional ...
notably so it's status and stop arguments work,
and it's start argument will detect when spfd is actually
already running.

I get the sneaking suspicion I may end up replacing much or all of
Eximconfig with something much more maintainable ... and reasonably
current ... though it may still serve as reference on general approach,
but seems hazardously outdated as to actual configuration, etc.

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