[BALUG-Admin] BALUG lists ... blank body with command in Subject: header, ... subscriber options

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 19 22:15:55 PDT 2017

So, bit of searching (find(1)) and such ...
looks like those relevant texts are configurable under:
/etc/mailman/en/ - at least for list installed/configured to only
use English (I'm not planning to use nor translate nor translate
changes to other languages).  And looks like they start out, at
least initially (and thus far on this host/installation) with
same set of files in each (at least same names and contents -
looks like mtimes probably also all match).  So ... likely just
need to suitably edit the applicable ones under /etc/mailman/en/
and probably give mailman a restart, do a bit more testing to
confirm, etc., and that should cover that.

That should then more than suffice for starting to announce/publicize
the "Test" list.

Next up is then looking at subscriber options - looks like there are two
python database formats mailman uses ... may be able to manipulate user
options through that (especially in bluk) to match (transferring) per-user
member options.  Don't have access to those database files on DreamHost.com,
but do have access to the data via admin web pages ... so - may be
sufficiently feasible to web scrape those out'a there.  Saving approximately
897 list members the annoyance of their options not being preserved ...
that's worth doing if it's reasonably feasible.  E.g., theoretically,
presuming well tested first, might be something like:
stop exim4
change old location list to effectively read-only (emergency moderation flag?)
web scrape members & options
bulk subscribe transferees
stop mailman
edit member options in database(s)
start exim4
start mailman

> From: "Michael Paoli" <Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu>
> Subject: Re: [BALUG-Admin] BALUG lists ... mailman list(?!), blank  
> body with command in Subject: header
> Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2017 07:32:45 -0700

> Anyway, pretty darn close to officially "announcing" the BALUG-Test
> list, as it seems to be working mostly pretty dang well (and better than
> DreamHost.com!).  I think I just need tweak some of the mailman text - at
> least for now - so folks don't - at least based upon the text sent from
> this mailman installation - expect that command in Subject: header with
> blank body will work (heck, they can make it as most simple work-around
> by including "end" in the body).  I think that's "quite close enough"
> for now, and "good enough" to go forward - with (pending) those  
> adjustments to
> the text that gets sent.

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