[BALUG-Admin] (forw) [Bug 1707447] Re: Roster should not lowercase addresses

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 26 22:34:36 PDT 2017

Sweet!  Thanks for reporting it and the follow-up.
I haven't applied the fix locally, but if at any
point it bugs (pun at least half intended) me enough,
then I certainly will.  From what you provided earlier,
looks like I could rather to quite cleanly fix that
locally if/when/should I be so inclined.  And ...
even if not ;-) ... or not so soon, I can look forward
to it most likely hitting Debian 10 "Buster" in relatively
near future, and Debian 10 "Buster" becoming the Debian stable
probably ~2019, and I'd probably upgrade within 6 months of it
becoming stable.

There sometimes/often is also that efficiency in waiting.  ;-)
But yes, *good* to report bugs!  I've haven't encountered all that
many that I've noted with Debian (hey, it mostly "just works"),
but the handful I reported were fixed ... and some I checked on were
already reported (and often found-workarounds bit of research/reading
on the reported bugs).

In the meantime ... I've also got some hardware issues pestering
me :-/ ... my primary personal laptop ... alas, my last response I
got from Zareason was essentially it's "too old" for them to get
parts (and it's not *all* that old) ... and also one significant
part of the (potential) repair ... well, if part can no longer
be had (GPU/video integrated onto mainboard) - that's effectively
irreparable - even if part was available, it's not economically
feasible.  The *first* mainboard failed with GPU failure not long
after the 1 year warranty (at least I think it was before the 2 year
mark).  I'm not sinkin' that kind'a money into it yet again if that
manufacturer's (it's an Intel OEM laptop) hardware - or at least for
that particular mainboard and comopenents thereupon, is that unreliable.
At the *moment* the video is working, ... but often when the laptop is
rebooted or powered up ... the video doesn't work (can only
barely/marginally make out / guess what's on the screen when it's
flaking out ... and not OS or the like - the problem even applies to
BIOS screens).  So ... that issue bit me again this morning, and took
until many reboots this evening before the video is displaying again
properly ... for now.  Not to mention ... keyboard ... both "N" and "O"
keys failed ... and that's 2nd keyboard on the laptop ... using external
USB keyboard on it now.  But I did pick up for excellent price
(free, "miracle of the free curbside giveaway") a Dell P10E ... which
as far as I've seen thus far (still need to check it out further) appears
to be fine, and is a good approximate replacement (even better in several
ways - includes eSATA, 4 USB ports (1 more than existing laptop), supports
two internal regular laptop SATA drives (spinning rust and/or SSD) ...
anyway, I'll probably cover more of that else-thread (and/or else-list)
in fairly near future ... but if that hardware checks out good, I'm
exceedingly inclined to move over to that laptop.
But I digress (ah, topic drift) ...

Also wanted to get around to replying regarding your earlier mention of
BSD utilities/software.  :-)  Yes, I too quite favorably impressed,
and such generally much more solid and free of bloatware, compared to
GNU ... examples that come to mind (and GNU counter-examples),
cpio, tar, pax, vi.  Many others too.  In similar manner, dash
also comes to mind - though that's out of Debian rather than BSD or GNU.
I've yet in mind a "GNU annoyances" post to do of some examples of
drain bamaged GNU bloatware & (annoying!) feature creep I've
encountered in the last many months or so.

> From: "Rick Moen" <rick@linuxmafia.com>
> Subject: [BALUG-Admin] (forw) [Bug 1707447] Re: Roster should not  
> lowercase addresses
> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 14:39:28 -0700

> Hey, Michael P.!  Remember when we noticed this one, I filed a bug
> report on July 29th, and upstream Mailman maintainer Mark Sapiro
> immediately furnished a patch?  Here it is, closing the loop by being
> changing fix status from committed to released.
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> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 21:22:50 -0000
> From: Mark Sapiro <mark@msapiro.net>
> To: rick@linuxmafia.com
> Subject: [Bug 1707447] Re: Roster should not lowercase addresses
> Reply-To: Bug 1707447 <1707447@bugs.launchpad.net>
> ** Changed in: mailman
>        Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released
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> report.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1707447
> Title:
>   Roster should not lowercase addresses
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