[BALUG-Admin] scheduled sites outage: [*.]balug.org, [*.]sf-lug.org, ... >=2017-09-26T09-0700-->~=2017-09-26T15-0700

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 14 19:36:09 PDT 2017

There's upcoming scheduled sites outage due to some
scheduled electric utility work.

Scheduled outage window:
> =2017-09-26T09:00:00-0700-->~=2017-09-26T15:00:00-0700

sites impacted:
[*.]balug.org (note that it may or may not impact www.balug.org and
balug.org - depending where they are at that time, but will impact at
least all other *.balug.org sites/domains)

[*.]sf-lug.{org,com} (note that SF-LUG list isn't impacted)

To the extent feasible, I'll try to minimize the outage time, but
expect it may minimally be up to fair part of an hour, and
"worst case" might be 6 hours or more (notably also if I can
have things automagically recover easily enough unattended upon power
restoration - or not).

It's also possible this outage may be delayed or rescheduled (notably
depending what electric utility provider gets up to).

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