[BALUG-Admin] [DO NOT REPLY ALL! ...] reduced DNS redundancy: balug.org/sf-lug.org/sf-lug.com: Fwd: ns1.linuxmafia.com downtime

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 24 19:19:31 PDT 2018

DO NOT REPLY ALL! (*unless* you're a member of **both** lists)

Just an FYI mostly, but temporarily we have a bit of reduced
redundancy on DNS for balug.org/sf-lug.org/sf-lug.com

Expecting this to be relatively temporary (at least once AT&T finally
gets their sh*t together ... at least for a little bit).

Anyway, in case anyone wonders or notices.  Hopefully it will
be *all better soon* ... at least **relatively** soon.

Impacts should mostly be pretty minimal - some initial queries might
occasionally take a bit longer (possibly timing out on first
(randomly selected) authoritative nameserver), but should otherwise
generally have almost zero impact (due to TTLs, data will generally
be cached for a while once successfully resolved).

$ (for d in balug.org sf-lug.org sf-lug.com; do dig +noall +answer  
+nottl "$d". NS | sed -e 's/[        ]\{1,\}/ /g'; done) | fgrep  
balug.org. IN NS ns1.linuxmafia.com.
sf-lug.org. IN NS ns1.linuxmafia.com.
sf-lug.com. IN NS ns1.linuxmafia.com.

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     Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 01:59:36 -0700
     From: "Rick Moen" <rickmoen@gmail.com>
Reply-To: rick@deirdre.net
  Subject: ns1.linuxmafia.com downtime
       To: "Michael Paoli" <Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu>

Greetings!  This is an advisory about current downtime of my
ns1.linuxmafia.com DNS nameserver, starting about 8am on Tuesday, Oct.
23rd.  Near and I and Mike Durkin, proprietor of Raw Bandwidth
Communications ('RBC', my ISP) have been able to determine, AT&T somehow
sabotaged my household ASDL, and thus took my entire household including
the server online.  Mike is now trying to get them to fix they screw-up.
Meantime, ns1.linuxmafia.com is _not_ doing auth. nameservice, as
arranged, for the following domains of yours:

balug.org (slave)
sf-lug.com (slave)
sf-lug.org (slave)

I'm advising everyone I'm doing auth. DNS for of the ongoing outage,
so this is your notice.  Hope to give better news soon.

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