[BALUG-Admin] IPv4 IP changes coming!

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 13 13:05:23 UTC 2019

So, I'll be changing ISP (at least for IPv4) ...
that'll mean new IPs for IPv4 ... most notably for these [L]UG domains
(and in general subdomains thereof):
sf-lug.org sflug.org sflug.com sflug.net sf-lug.net sf-lug.com
berkeleylug.com berkeleylug.org

A bit more generally:

By not later than end of 2019-12-19, these IPv4 IPs (range) will be
"going away"/changing: -

At present, my IPv6 is provided from another ISP (tunneled via IPv4),
so I'm expecting the IPv6 IPs will remain the same (at least through
this transition anyway).

Anyway, hopefully all these changes will happen rather to quite smoothly
... but a bit early to say.  E.g., as I transition ISPs, there may be
brief(ish) period between, when temporarily neither is available.
We shall see.  I'll update relevant contatct(s)/lists as/when
relevant and appropriate and I'm reasonably able to do so.
Hopefully I can minimize any "user facing" impact ... if I'm
reasonably lucky, may be able to do it quite seamlessly, with
essentially no impact to "users" ... we shall see.


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