[Balug-announce] BALUG Meeting, Tuesday 6/19: Dave Mandala, CTO of DevelopOnline

David L. Sifry david@sifry.com
Mon Jun 18 19:54:39 PDT 2001

Hi everybody!  It's that time again, time for the June BALUG meeting!
This month we've got a very special speaker, a longtime BALUG alumnus
and self-proclaimed "Seating Nazi", Dave Mandala.  Dave has moved to
Phoenix and he's been working on some very cool stuff for
DevelopOnline, an online site for innovators, engineers and
programmers to build electronic products over the Internet.  Dave
faced a very M$-centric environment when he first joined, and he has
successfully switched the company to a computing platform that is
almost entirely Linux-based.  Along the way, he hit a number of snags
and bottlenecks, that he and his team successfully solved.  Along the
way he has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company.

Come hear Dave talk about DevelopOnline, building web-based apps on
Linux, and whatever else he has on his mind!  I, for one, am
definitely looking forward to Dave's talk.

As usual, please send an email to rsvp@balug.org letting us know how
many people you'll be bringing, and if you need any special meals,
like vegetarian or kosher.

When: Tuesday June 18, 2001  7PM-10PM
Where: The Four Seas Restaurant, Chinatown, SF (415) 989-8188
More info: http://www.balug.org/

See you then!

David L. Sifry
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