[Balug-announce] BALUG tonight, 7 pm! mEconomy Privacy software.

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Nov 20 09:36:30 PST 2001

 Hi everybody.  If you were wondering who the heck was speaking tonight, 
 well... that's all my fault.  We've known for weeks (!) but I was late
 getting to the web page.

 So you don't have to go running off to it, Valerie Buckingham and Bill
 Herndon will be discussy mEconomy's privacy and intelligent agent software,
 and since they are making it open source this month, we'll probably get to 
 hear a bit about that too.  Privacy's getting pretty important now that 
 the gov is getting extra snoopy.

 Sorry I can't be there myself -- I'm flying out of town for family out
 in the mid-North, so I'll be in line at the airport whil you're all having 
 a grand time... 

SEND US YOUR RSVPs please!  The restaurant wants to know how many to cook 
for tonight.
 I *will* be there next month though.  Michelle got us a speaker from 
 Sendmail.  I like Jon.  It'll be fun.

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