[Balug-announce] 3rd Tues, 21 Jan 7pm for chinese food.

Heather Stern star@starshine.org
Mon Jan 20 17:12:03 PST 2003

  The Third Tuesday is tomorrow (today, if this note gets to you past
  your business day) and here's what we've got.

  Speaker:	Umar Hameed
		VP, Celestix

  Topic:	the road to good embedded appliances

  Where: 	Four Seas
		Grant Street 
		(near Clay and Montgomery)
		San Francisco's chinatown

  When: If you want to eat chinese food with us:
		7 PM, in the *lower* restaurant area.
			folks who have not been to BALUG in a while
			or are passing this to others, be advised 
			this still means going up a flight of stairs
			when you enter from the front.
		don't forget your $10.
	If you only want to see the speaker:
		8 ish... maybe 8:30 pm.   We have announcements before
			the speaker begins, so current linux events,
			other LUGs, job offers or wanteds are ok at the
			mike.  But do keep it brief :)

	Ending: the Four Seas closes promptly at 10pm.  If there are
		enough people and enough enthusiasm for it at the same
		time, there may be an afterdinner group heading to Mel's
		diner (by the Metreon parking garage near 5th and Fulsom).
  Door Prizes: We have some.  More are always welcome!

Thanks for the RSVPs so far.  If you have more and especially if you
need kosher or vegetarian please let us know right away,

The BALUG staff 

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