[Balug-announce] BALUG news: 2005-11-15 meeting: Shell & FVWM; and other BALUG news

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Thu Nov 10 09:22:44 PST 2005

BALUG news: 2005-11-15 meeting: Shell & FVWM; and other BALUG news


For the November 15th, 2005 BALUG meeting, we'll be including:

A follow-up/follow-on to Introduction to Shell Programming,
by Michael Paoli
This will mostly be question and answer and mini-demonstrations and
examples.  So, if you came to the October meeting and have more
questions, want to see examples and demonstrations, etc., or didn't make
it to the October meeting and would like to ask Shell Programming
questions, see demonstrations, examples, etc. this should make for a
useful and informative meeting to attend.

Additionally, we should also get to squeeze in one other quite short
mini-demonstration/mini-presentation by Michael Paoli:
"Why I like FVWM" - FVWM is a powerful and highly configure multiple
virtual desktop window manager for the X Window system.  This will
mostly just be a very quick demonstration of some of its features and
capabilities, and examples of how at least one particular person uses it
for a quite efficient and powerful X window manager.


Introduction to Shell Programming materials available on the web - if
you didn't see it earlier, you can take a look at this item on the BALUG
"talk" list:
There are also some quite recent updates/tweaks to those materials.


Reminder: Dinner cost has been increased to $11.00 - that's our first
increase in apparently over 6 years.  Still a bargain for all that good
food (and the meeting facility!) at that price.


Reminder: BALUG will not be meeting in December of this year.



BALUG (meeting location details, lists, etc.):


Shell and related stuff:
Earlier information about availability of Shell Programming materials:
Earlier announcement about the Oct. Shell Programming meeting:
${1+"$@"} vs. "$@":

Dinner costs, now, and then, and no Dec. 2005 meeting:

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