[Balug-announce] BALUG news: 2005-10-18 meeting: Shell Programming; and other BALUG news

Larry Platzek larryp@inow.com
Thu Sep 22 13:40:24 PDT 2005

BALUG 2005-10-18 meeting presentation: Shell Programming, by Michael Paoli

This presentation promises to be a quite useful, informative, 
interesting, well referenced and fast introduction to Bourne (sh) and 
compatible [Korn (ksh), POSIX, Bash (bash), ash, etc.] shells.

The presentation will cover a fast, but thorough tour of the shell and 
shell programming.  It will cover all the way from why one would want 
to learn shell, why start with Bourne, etc., how to compactly learn it, 
through and including most key features of shell programming, and some 
key differences and caveats among the shells, and a collection of 
references to help round out leaning about shell programming.

About Michael Paoli, our presenter for this event:

Michael Paoli has been doing UNIX systems administration for well over 
a decade, been doing LINUX systems administration for over 7 years, and 
has been using and programming Bourne and compatible shells (bash, 
etc.) since even earlier than all that.  He's also done well received classes/labs/presentations before, including topics of security, shells 
and Logical Volume Manager (LVM).

For meeting time, location, cost (dinner), etc., please see the BALUG 
web site: http://www.balug.org/

BALUG 2005-09-20 speaker: The Digital Tipping Point, by Christian Einfeldt

The Digital Tipping Point: The Culture Of Freedom In Cyberspace We had 
a great presentation by Christian Einfeldt on The Digital 
Tipping Point, including lots of information on the movie project, and a 9 
minute sample of very impressive material which is likely to be be 
used, at least in substantial part, in the film.  The Digital Tipping 
Point is an open source documentary film project.

"We are approaching a digital tipping point." "One documentary film, 
the Digital Tipping Point: the culture of freedom in cyberspace, will peer 
into the future to see how this change might come about, and what it 
means for humanity."

So, ... just because a BALUG meeting doesn't indicate, or indicate 
reasonably well ahead of time that we've got a speaker/presentation, 
should not be taken as an indicator that we won't have an exciting, 
interesting meeting anyway - and possibly including speaker/presentation.
So, make those meetings! :-) (Sorry it wasn't better 
announced/publicized, seems there was probably 
a communication error or omission).


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Larry Platzek  larryp@inow.com

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