[balug-announce] BALUG 2006-08-15: (correction/update)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 3 03:14:17 PDT 2006

BALUG 2006-08-15: (correction/update)

Turns out we made a scheduling error, so for our 2006-08-15 meeting,
at the moment we don't have a speaker/presentation lined up, but we're
working to change that.  Patrick McGovern of Splunk will probably be
presenting at a later BALUG meeting date (probably also not
on 2006-09-19, but likely 2006-10-17 or subsequent).

With or without a formal speaker/presentation for the 2006-08-15
meeting, it should still be an interesting and exiting meeting (good
food, good folks, good conversation), and it's also one of the days
LinuxWorld is in San Francisco, so we may draw a larger and more
varied crowd to our meeting.

If you have a contact/lead for a talk/presentation (especially 2006-08-15)
you can drop an e-mail note to me and also the "speaker" contact found
on the BALUG web site.

Details on meeting time, location, cost (for dinner), etc. are
available on the BALUG web site:

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