[Balug-announce] BALUG meeting 2006-01-17: XML11 - An Abstract Windowing Protocol by Arno Puder

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 16 07:41:37 PST 2006

BALUG meeting 2006-01-17: XML11 - An Abstract Windowing Protocol by Arno Puder


For our January 17th, 2006 meeting BALUG has an exiting presentation lined up:

Title: XML11 - An Abstract Windowing Protocol

This presentation introduces XML11, an abstract windowing protocol
inspired by the X11-protocol develop by MIT. XML11 is an XML-based
protocol that allows asynchronous UI updates of widgets to an
end-device. To overcome high-latency connections, XML11 allows migration
of application logic to the end-device. The prototype implementation of
XML11 runs in any standard web browser without Java capabilities on the
client-side and replaces AWT/Swing on the server-side. This also allows
us to expose legacy AWT/Swing applications as web applications.
Ultimately XML11 can be used for writing Ajax applications without
requiring any JavaScript knowledge. The prototype implementation of
XML11 is released under the GPL and available at www.xml11.org

Arno Puder received his masters and Ph.D. in computer science and is
currently working as an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State
University. He is one of the founders of the MICO CORBA implementation.
His special interests include distributed systems, middleware
architectures and ubiquitous computing environments.



Meeting time, location, etc (also on the BALUG web site):
7:00 P.M. PST
$11.00 fee for dinner
Four Seas Restaurant
731 Grant Ave., 3rd Floor Banquet Facility: "The China Room"
San Francisco, CA 94108-2113
Feel free to join us as early as 6:30 P.M. at the bar for social chat,
etc. before the main meeting.


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