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Join the Perpetual Entertainment crew as we boldly explore the frontiers
of the online gaming universe! Perpetual, located in downtown San
Francisco, is poised to become a major player in the software
entertainment and platform development industry. Our core team members
are industry veterans, battle-scarred leaders in the field who cut their
teeth at EA, Blizzard, LucasArts, and other first-rate gaming companies.
They've all come to Perpetual for the same reasons: Perpetual
Entertainment is crafting the most innovative and anticipated massively
multiplayer games, and we're doing it in the center of the Bay Area's
cutting-edge technology community. San Francisco offers more culture
than any other city on the planet. Thus it is the perfect home for
Perpetual, a company that offers its employees such diverse
opportunities as exploring human civilization's ancient past and
creating alien planets!

Perpetual's mission is to craft gaming experiences that immerse players
in other worlds like no game has before. In order to continue our
stellar progress, we will need to add even more creative and motivated
people to our staff. Can you muster up to the challenge?

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising <http://www.perpetual.com/games/>  - Be part
of the team that is recreating the epic mythological adventure of the
early Roman Empire: This award-winning
<http://community.godsandheroes.com/e3.html>  MMO title allows players
to command their own squadron of soldiers in defense of imperial Rome's
majesty... or fight their way out of the gladiator's arena and defy the
might of an empire!

Star Trek Online <http://www.perpetual.com/games/StarTrekOnline.php>  -
Join the crew creating the newest chapter in one of the most beloved
sci-fi franchises ever! Perpetual Entertainment is staffing up to build
the interstellar MMO Star Trek Online. If you have the vision and skill
to create the exotic worlds and fantastic creatures of the Star Trek
universe, we want you on board.


Job Description:    SERVER ENGINEER          


Responsible for developing server-side game




*	Develop game mechanics for a PC massively multiplayer game,
working on features such as character stats, combat, and NPC behavior 
*	Implement much of the game functionality code server-side on a
distributed Linux platform 
*	Participate in technical and creative design 




*	BS in Computer Science or equivalent 
*	Must have extensive experience working in a senior programming
role on a commercial game development team 
*	Strong familiarity with PC development using C++. 
*	Familiarity with Linux programming. 
*	Experience developing networked game applications, preferably
*	Has developed and documented technical designs. 
*	Has a love of gaming. 




*	Code Sample 





Contact Us

We are currently hiring for many essential positions. Please send
inquiries to resumes@perpetual.com.

Materials may be mailed or faxed to:

Perpetual Entertainment, Inc.
149 New Montgomery, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

www.perpetual.com <http://www.perpetual.com/> 

Phone: 415-321-6900

Fax: 415-321-6901

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