[BALUG-Announce] BALUG Nov. 20: James Burgett, "ACCRC+Linux: Keeping computers out of Landfills"; etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 8 04:18:40 PST 2007

BALUG Nov. 20: James Burgett, "ACCRC+Linux: Keeping computers out of Landfills";


For our 2007-11-20 Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG)[1] meeting we are
pleased to present:
James Burgett, Alameda County Computer Resource Center (ACCRC)[2]:
"Free Software, The Environment, Social Welfare, and the Digital Divide"

    Planning to attend?  Please e-mail us an RSVP[3] to:

James will recount the path ACCRC has taken as it's grown in the last
five years to reclaim and reuse computers, peripherals, and other
electronic devices people donate.  In general, ACCRC gives computers
to individuals and worthy organizations without charge or strings.
ACCRC uses Linux on the systems it gives away and has developed quite
a bit of expertise in installing various Linux distros on various
(old) hardware.  (flyer[5] for event)

The event is free.  However, dinner is $13 for those that want to eat.

2007-11-20 starting at 6:30PM (more details[1], directions[4])
Four Seas Restaurant
731 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94108-2113

1. http://www.balug.org/
2. http://www.accrc.org/
3. http://www.balug.org/#RSVP
4. http://www.fourseasr.com/directions.htm
5. http://www.balug.org/flyers/2007-11-12.pdf


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