[BALUG-Announce] BALUG: 2012-02-21: OpenPhoto Project - Jaisen Mathai; & other BALUG news

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BALUG: 2012-02-21: OpenPhoto Project - Jaisen Mathai; & other BALUG news


items, details further below:
2012-02-21: OpenPhoto Project - Jaisen Mathai
2012-03-20: Double-Take Availability for Linux by Vision Solutions
book(s), CDs, and other "door prizes", etc.
BALUG system upgrades & volunteering to help BALUG


BALUG is proud to announce, for our 2012-02-21 meeting we have:

Data portability, the next frontier, and The OpenPhoto Project[1], by
Jaisen Mathai[2]

Putting users in control of their data means separating data storage
from application logic.  Doing so opens up possibilities which were
previously impossible.  Open data will do for the Internet what open
source did for computing.

Jaisen Mathai[2] is the founder of The OpenPhoto Project[1]: an
open source, decentralized and federated photo platform.  Prior to
starting the project Jaisen was an engineer at [3]Yahoo! and
before that he co-founded a photo startup.

The OpenPhoto Project was accepted into Mozilla[4]'s WebFWD[8] program.
Prior to joining WebFWD the project raised $25,000 on Kickstarter[9].
All of the source code is available on Github[10].

You can find more information about:
The OpenPhoto Project at:
and Jaisen Mathai at:

1. http://theopenphotoproject.org/
2. http://www.jaisenmathai.com/
3. http://www.yahoo.com/
4. http://www.mozilla.org/
8. https://webfwd.org/
9. http://www.kickstarter.com/
10. https://github.com/

So, if you'd like to join us please RSVP to:


**Why RSVP??**

Well, don't worry we won't turn you away, but the RSVPs really help
BALUG and the Four Seas Restaurant plan the meal and meeting, and with
sufficient attendance, they also help ensure that we'll be able to eat
upstairs in the private banquet room.

Meeting Details...

                        Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 2012-02-21

                        Four Seas Restaurant http://www.fourseasr.com/
                        731 Grant Ave.
                        San Francisco, CA 94108
                        Easy PARKING:
                          Portsmouth Square Garage at 733 Kearny:

Cost: The meetings are always free, but for dinner, for your gift of $13
       cash, we give you a gift of dinner - joining us for a yummy
       family-style Chinese dinner - tax and tip included (your gift
       also helps in our patronizing the restaurant venue).


BALUG is proud to announce, for our 2012-03-20 meeting we have:

A technical presentation by Vision Solutions[1] on Double-Take
Availability for Linux[2].
Double-Take Availability for Linux is a continuous, byte-level
replication and failover software product.  As it can monitor changes
to any data files, it can protect any application - DB or others.

The replication is from source to target server.  Each server is
licensed and has the software installed.  Configuration of what data to
replicate and what failover parameters are to be used is accomplished
by a universal console that can run on any Windows platform - PC,
laptop, server, etc.  The console doesn't need to run on the servers
being protected.  Source and target servers can be in the same room or
across any geographic distance - over any TCP/IP network.

As Availability is considered a high availability product, RPOs are
typically in the near-zero range because the data changes are captured
and transmitted continuously.  RTO (or failover) is typically in the
seconds to minutes range.

Vision Solutions currently supports most releases of RHEL, Oracle
Linux, CentOS, SUSE with the Ext and XFS file systems.  These
distributions are supported on physical and virtual environments.

Here is a short data sheet on the product:
and website has several white papers also:

1. http://www.visionsolutions.com/
2. http://www.visionsolutions.com/Products/DT-Avail-Lin.aspx


book(s), CDs, and other "door prizes", etc.

Book(s) - from No Starch Press, we received for review:
_The Linux Command Line_
   A Complete Introduction
   by William E. Shotts, Jr.
   January 2012, 480 pp.
   ISBN: 978-1-59327-389-7

Additional goodies we'll have at the meeting (at least the following):

CDs, etc. - have a peek here:
We do also have some additional give-away items, and may have
"door prizes".


BALUG system upgrades & volunteering to help BALUG

BALUG has some system upgrades (mostly operating system upgrades) coming
in its future.
For most of the information on that, have a look at posts on or after
2012-01-22 on the SF-LUG[1] list[2]
with the string:
SF-LUG & BALUG: System OS upgrades
in the Subject: header

Want to volunteer to help out BALUG?  (quite a variety of opportunities
exist, including the above) Drop us a note at:
Or come talk to us at a BALUG meeting.

1. http://www.sf-lug.com/ http://www.sf-lug.org/
2. http://linuxmafia.com/mailman/listinfo/sf-lug



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