[BALUG-Announce] BALUG Tu 2013-03-19: Stefano Maffulli on OpenStack, 2013-04-16: Wikimedia Foundation; & other BALUG News

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Fri Mar 15 11:59:05 PDT 2013

BALUG Tu 2013-03-19: Stefano Maffulli on OpenStack, 2013-04-16:  
Wikimedia Foundation; & other BALUG News


items, details further below:
BALUG Tu 2013-03-19: Stefano Maffulli on OpenStack
BALUG Tu 2013-04-16: Wikimedia Foundation
Saltstack BOF TODAY 5pm at PyCon (Santa Clara), etc.
CDs/DVDs, and other "door prizes", etc.
volunteering to help BALUG
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Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG) meeting
Tuesday 6:30 P.M. 2013-03-19

For our 2013-03-19 BALUG meeting, we're proud to present:

Stefano Maffulli[1] on OpenStack[2] - Open source software for building
private and public clouds.

Stafano's talk/presentation to include at least:
An overview of OpenStack
The history of the project, how it started, what problems it tries to
solve, who's participating in the development of OpenStack and where
the OpenStack Foundation[3] wants to take it.

About OpenStack:
OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing
technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing
platform for public and private clouds.  The project aims to deliver
solutions for all types of clouds by being simple to implement,
massively scalable, and feature rich.  The technology consists of a
series of interrelated projects[4] delivering various components for a
cloud infrastructure solution.

About Stefano Maffulli:
As OpenStack community manager, Stefano built his career around Free
Software and open source: from pre-sales engineer and product manager
at Italian GNU/Linux distribution MadeInLinux[5] to Italian Chancellor
of the Free Software Foundation Europe[6], where he also created the
FSFE Fellowship participation program.  Later as community manager of
leading mobile open source sync solution Funambol[7], his efforts
boosted downloads and bolstered enterprise contributions.  For
Twitter[8], he led efforts to expand in the Italian market.  In his
spare time, he builds furniture and is learning how to sail in the San
Francisco Bay.

If you have a specific request or question for Stefano to cover, mention
it on the BALUG-Talk List[9][10], or drop me a note at
<Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu> and I'll pass it along.

1.  http://www.openstack.org/blog/author/stefano/
2.  http://www.openstack.org/
3.  http://www.openstack.org/foundation/
4.  http://www.openstack.org/projects/
5.  http://web.archive.org/web/20031014062555/http://www.madeinlinux.com/
6.  http://fsfe.org/index.en.html
7.  http://www.funambol.com/
8.  https://twitter.com/
9.  http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-talk-balug.org

Please RSVP if you're planning to come (see further below).

So, if you'd like to join us please RSVP to:


**Why RSVP??**

Well, don't worry we won't turn you away, but the RSVPs really help
BALUG and the Four Seas Restaurant plan the meal and meeting, and with
sufficient attendance, they also help ensure that we'll be able to eat
upstairs in the private banquet room.

Meeting Details...

   Tuesday, March 19th, 2012 2013-03-19

   Four Seas Restaurant http://www.fourseasr.com/
   731 Grant Ave.
   San Francisco, CA 94108
   Easy PARKING:
     Portsmouth Square Garage at 733 Kearny:

   Cost: The meetings are always free, but for dinner, for your gift of
     $13 cash or more, we give you a gift of dinner - joining us for a
     yummy family-style Chinese dinner - tax and tip included (your gift
     also helps in our patronizing the restaurant venue and helping to
     defray BALUG costs such as treating our speakers to dinner).


For our 2013-04-16 BALUG meeting, we're proud to present:

The Wikimedia Foundation[1]

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization
dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of
free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these
wiki-based projects to the public free of charge. The Wikimedia
Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited
reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia[2], a top-ten
internet property.

1. http://wikimediafoundation.org/
2. http://www.wikipedia.org/


Saltstack BOF TODAY 5pm at PyCon (Santa Clara), etc.

And in follow-up from Corey Quinn's Salt talk/presentation at the
2012-05-15 BALUG meeting[2], one of our attendees is now also part of
the core team of developers and also passes along notice[3] of a
Saltstack BOF happening TODAY at 5pm[1] at PyCon in Santa Clara.

1. http://lanyrd.com/2013/saltpy/


CDs/DVDs, and other "door prizes", etc.

Goodies we'll have at the BALUG meeting (at least the following):

CDs/DVDs, etc. - have a peek here:
We may also be able to "burn" images per request or copy to USB flash,
etc.  Donations of blank or +-RW media, USB flash, or funding thereof,
also appreciated.  See the above URL for details.

We've also got at least a few other miscellaneous items up for grabs.


volunteering to help BALUG

Want to volunteer to help out BALUG?  Quite a variety of opportunities*
Drop us a note at:
Or come talk to us at a BALUG meeting.
o assist on publicity
o assist on speaker coordination/procurement, etc.
o webmastering
o archivist/history/retrieval/etc.
o Linux Systems Administration (e.g. do/assist/learn, with/under some
   quite experienced and skilled Linux systems administrators).
o chief/assistant cat herder
o and other various/miscellaneous tasks BALUG "ought" to be doing or
   would be good to do (feel free to bring in ideas!)


Twitter - you can also follow BALUG on Twitter:



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