[BALUG-Talk] Privacy event (+keysigning) at end of month--this very weekend!

GoOSSBears acohen36@linuxwaves.com
Wed Feb 24 08:43:29 PST 2016

Sent as an FYI....

Oakland's Sudo Room[1] is hosting a CryptoParty-Sunday 
this weekend, on Sunday 2016-02-28, from 2pm to 5pm[2]

Brief event description...
~~~~~~~~~~ quoting ~~~~~~~~~
Confused about the Apple/FBI fight? Interested in protecting the 
privacy and liberty of US Citizens and even the world?

We’ll teach you how to use common encryption technologies like 
Signal, Tor, and password managers. We’d also like to have speakers, 
email jehan.tremback@gmail.com if you’d like to present.

Despite the likelihood that it will be a more basic event than my 
Subject line might otherwise indicate, I believe that GnuPG[3] will 
be functionally explained here (for those who don't already know 
and use it), and keysigning will happen here as well for those who 
request it.

Further event links are Sudo Room's in-house event page[4] and 
Facebook's event page[5]. 



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