[BALUG-Talk] Join me at the Roguelike Celebration (and watch a live nethack speed run)

Asheesh Laroia asheesh@asheesh.org
Sat Oct 21 23:37:18 PDT 2017

Hi BALUG-talk!

I’m Asheesh, long-time BALUG member. I’ve been volunteering with friends to
organize a conference about roguelike video games. Do you want to attend?

Some interesting facts about the conference and roguelike games:

- These are games where you explore a virtual world, created uniquely
(“procedurally”) every time you play.

- Early ones, including famous ones like nethack, are purely command

- Last year, one of the conference swag items was socks. :)

- Our audience is people who enjoy playing the games, rather than technical
talks for game developers. You can see that in the speaker lineup!

- It’s Nov 11 & 12, and our website is here: https://roguelike.club/

- There will be a live “speed run” of nethack, in which Adeon tries to play
this multi-day game in just two hours.

- And we use a Let’s Encrypt certificate :)

I’d love to see BALUG folks at the conference. I’m happy to answer
questions about the conference if people have them!

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