[BALUG-Talk] (Computer) hardware (etc.) offered/wanted (SF Bay Area, [L]UGs ...)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 3 01:06:13 PDT 2018

Have a BALUG wiki page for
(Computer) hardware (etc.) offered/wanted


It has some basic "rules of the road/guidelines" (see towards the top
of the wiki page).

If you want to list something(s) on there ...
preferred would be you get a wiki account and add/edit it yourself.
You can email me to get that (self-registration on the wiki site
has been disabled to thwart annoying spambot abuse).

Anyway, this may be rather/quite useful, rather than merely putting a post
to some (Bay Area) LUG list of some, e.g. hardware offered or wanted,
and everyone forgets about it later, or can't remember what the status
is, etc., or where the posting was ... well, now have a wiki page.
"Of course" folks aren't mind readers, so good to also have at least some
posting somewhere to call potentially interested folks at least initial
attention to it.  But ... status, is it still offered/wanted, who
mentioned it, how to contact them ... well, wiki page seemed more fitting
and logical - at least to track that, rather than (merely) list posting(s).

And if you can't get/use wiki account to edit wiki page, for some reason,
and you just want to email me the updates ... well, maybe I can do the
edits/updates - if all the relevant information is provided, and that
doesn't get too unreasonable.  But I'm not one's edit slave, so ... we'll
see how that goes (volume of such requests vs. what (if any) time I have
for such matters).

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